Michael Crawley of Crawley Law Firm, P.A. in Jonesboro, Arkansas has been giving residents
and businesses in surrounding areas the chance for a fresh start for almost two decades. The firm is
now opening its doors to farmers considering bankruptcy. Farmers fall under a unique set of
rules outlined as Chapter 12 and should contact Michael of the Crawley Law Firm, P.A. at
870-972-1150 for details through a free consultation.

Chapter 12 covers farmers as well as fisherman in a more streamlined process than corporate
bankruptcies. This ease of filing will keep our foundational workers in a place to sustain a
business during a rocky economy. Crawley knows the intricacies of the process, such as
caveats that identify whether an individual or company qualifies for this simplified version of

Crawley Law Firm, P.A. can facilitate the process and make it painless to file Chapter 12
bankruptcy. This will lift a heavy burden for our farmers and fishermen who struggle to adapt to
an ever changing market. There are many benefits outside simplicity of filing that filing under
this Chapter can provide. To learn about how you can benefit from Chapter 12, visit their
website at www.crawleylawfirm.com and click Chapter 12 under the Bankruptcy menu.

Michael Crawley has always been dedicated to helping people tackle those bill problems,
regardless of social status or economic position. He strives to bring people from a place of
financial ruin to a place of recovery so they can move forward with and rebuild their lives. Mr.
Crawley does everything in his power to protect the assets and interests of his clients.

If you would like to inquire about bankruptcy, whether to determine the best filing for you, or to
begin the process of bankruptcy, visit their website at www.crawleylawfirm.com . Or, contact
Michael Crawley directly at 870-972-1150.