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Overwhelming debt can be difficult to get past unless you seek the appropriate financial solutions. Crawley Law Firm, PA has an experienced bankruptcy attorney serving Paragould, AR with Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Our knowledgeable firm has successfully assisted thousands of individuals and families with their burdensome financial crisis. We can help you identify which areas could use improvement and create a plan to get out of debt. Bankruptcy law is complex, so seeking the guidance of a bankruptcy lawyer is ideal in these situations. When you work with us, you’ll have a qualified professional by your side to guide you in the right direction.

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If you’re considering your debt relief options, consult with our bankruptcy attorney near Paragould, AR to have your questions answered. We can advise you about the options available to you and which ones make the most sense for your unique circumstances. In general, Arkansas bankruptcy can involve liquidation and payment restructuring. Many of our clients keep their homes and cars while going through the bankruptcy process. During your meeting with a bankruptcy lawyer, you can provide him with the details of your case to see what would benefit you most. 

A Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorney can assist you by differentiating between exempt and non-exempt items, such as retirement accounts, cars, and homes. This is a good choice for individuals with low incomes who can allow a trustee or bankruptcy attorney to handle the distribution of payments. In order for a debtor to keep their assets, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorney needs to restructure their payments and have a judge sign off on their plan. Over the course of three to five years, debts are usually paid in full or arrangements have been made to clear them.

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Speak with a bankruptcy attorney at Crawley Law Firm, PA for professional financial guidance. We can help you take control of your debt and pay your creditors, whether through liquidation or payment restructuring. Our bankruptcy lawyer can also advise you on preventing future financial responsibilities from become too large to handle. Call us today at 870-972-1150 to schedule a free consultation near Paragould, AR.

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