Arkansas Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases can be completely finished in approximately four months – sometimes even faster than that.

Of course, in order for the bankruptcy case to be completed quickly it is important that you do the work needed to get the proper documents to our office.  Those documents help us prepare a correct petition immediately, speeding up the process.  If there are mistakes or inconsistencies, the Chapter 7 bankruptcy trustee may keep the case open to verify information or look into any issues.

In some difficult cases, if issues arise or there are assets in the case, there is no set answer to when a case will be closed. The bankruptcy trustee may take months or years to review additional documents and conduct an examination of assets.  That may or may not interfere with your ability to get a Discharge in bankruptcy. However most cases are considered no asset cases where the trustee does not administer any of your property.

If a case seems to be taking a long time to finish, call our office to talk with one of our staff members.  If you have any questions along the way, give us a call so we can ensure you understand what is going on with your case.

Contact us online or call 870-972-1150 to start the process.  Set up a free, no-obligation consultation appointment with an experienced Arkansas bankruptcy lawyer.