Sometimes mortgage companies just don’t pay attention to the laws.  Even if you file a Chapter 13 bankruptcy to stop a foreclosure, the mortgage company will often keep on tacking on illegal fees and costs.  This inflates the balance on your mortgage, making it impossible to keep up with payments — and forcing you deeper and deeper into the foreclosure sinkhole.

That’s why at Crawley Law Firm we know that Chapter 13 filing is a powerful tool to stop the sale of a home in foreclosure — but it’s just the beginning of the work needed to protect our clients.

What do we do?  We go one step beyond a traditional bankruptcy law firm.

As soon as the case is filed, our experienced team of mortgage abuse professionals start to gather information about your mortgage account.  Not only do we look at your closing documents, but also get a complete history of the loan.

Our team will . . .

. . . Make sure that your monthly mortgage payments are being properly applied under the terms of the mortgage and note

. . . Review the escrow account to ensure that it is being properly managed under federal law

. . . Guard against any unreasonable and unnecessary charges, fees, costs, and expenses being assessed against your mortgage account

. . . Monitor the loan to make sure that bankruptcy payments are being applied correctly

. . . Determine who the true owner of your mortgage and note is

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