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Every day you go to work and give your time and effort in exchange for a paycheck. You count on that money for the necessities of life. When you’re dealing with wage garnishment and a third party is taking a chunk of that money, making ends meet becomes that much harder. It may be time to see how a wage garnishment defense attorney can help you stop the losses and get back to living.

Why Do You Have a Wage Garnishment or Repossession?

Dealing with wage garnishment isn’t discussed often, but it happens to many people. One study estimated that more than four million Americans dealt with some kind of garnishment in 2020. Garnishments happen when a person has failed to pay an obligation such as taxes, debts or court-ordered payments.

In some cases, a debtor may also attempt to repossess or take some of your property as a way to collect on what they are owed. This can happen instead of garnishment or in addition to that process. Cars, homes and other valuable assets could be on the line.

The trouble with wage garnishment is that it often makes an existing problem worse. A person who has fallen behind on what they owe may not have a lot of money. Taking more of their money creates an even tougher situation. Some garnishments can take as much as 25% of your earnings, making it tough to save money and turn your financial situation around.

What Can a Wage Garnishment Defense Attorney Do?

Often, fighting wage garnishment on your own is hard because the other party has a full legal team ready to defend the company. You can even the scales a bit by getting a wage garnishment lawyer, such as the one from the Crawley Law Firm.

A lawyer can carefully review the terms of your debt and garnishment and see if there is a better way to get an outstanding obligation resolved. The process begins with examining what you owe, your income, and determining if there’s a case to recalculate the garnishments or payments. This could involve appealing to a judge, so it’s a good idea to have an experienced attorney with you.

Your attorney can also help you see if there is any benefit to filing bankruptcy to stop the garnishment. Bankruptcy is a complicated legal move that will have long-term implications for your financial life. However, it could save you from a garnishment that you can’t manage. Before you dive into this option, get a consultation with a wage garnishment defense attorney.

Some employers may also attempt to terminate workers who are undergoing garnishment. This is illegal, and you may want help from a legal team to fight this discriminatory and wrongful action.

Dealing with wage garnishments can be challenging, especially when managing money. Instead of suffering through years of payments that take away from your quality of life, take action. Call the team at Crawley Law Firm, PA and start sorting through your problems with a qualified lawyer to stop wage garnishment and put money back in your pocket.



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