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If you have any questions, are considering filing for bankruptcy, or you are interested in improving your credit, please call us directly to speak to an experienced bankruptcy attorney and set up a free consultation. Below are some of the questions we are frequently asked.

Can I buy a car or a house after I file bankruptcy?
Yes. We provide our clients with access to an online course that teaches them how to raise their credit score to 720 in an average of 12-24 months. This allows you to buy what you need at a reasonable interest rate.
If I file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, will I lose my home, car, or other property?

One of the main reasons to file for bankruptcy protection is so you can keep your property. You can also file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy and not lose any property. That’s because the law allows you to keep many types of property when you file. Different states have different rules. If our analysis of your situation shows that you would lose property in Chapter 7, we will let you know before your case is filed. You may decide that it’s worth it to give up something in exchange for a discharge of your debts. If not, however, there are other options, such as Chapter 13 bankruptcy, to help you. It is possible to change the repayment terms on debt through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

I have mostly credit card debt and medical bills, can I file on just those?

Mr. Crawley will discuss details of your situation with you, but a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can eliminate unsecured debts such as credit card debt, medical bills, and other debt that is not tied to a specific piece of property.

Will hiring Crawley Law Firm, PA stop the collectors from harassing me?
Yes. Once you hire Crawley Law Firm, PA, for as little as $100 to represent you in bankruptcy, then you tell your creditors to contact Mr. Crawley moving forward. When your case is paid in full, then we can file your bankruptcy.
My paycheck is being garnished. Will filing for bankruptcy stop the wage garnishment?

Yes. Filing for bankruptcy can stop a garnishment. When companies garnish paychecks, they are not concerned with leaving enough for you to live on. When you file for bankruptcy the creditor is required to give the money back.

I just received a foreclosure notice for my home. Can bankruptcy stop the foreclosure sale?

Yes. Filing for bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure and save your home.

What kinds of debts can be discharged with filing bankruptcy in Arkansas?
Unsecured loans and debts, as well as old account balances on credit cards and medical bills along with personal loans, can be discharged. Although, the following can NOT be discharged: alimony and child support, student loans, criminal fines, or penalties along with civil judgments against you from DWI conviction or fraud and anything declared in a divorce decree.
How will filing bankruptcy affect my credit?

Bankruptcy can appear on your credit score for 7-10 years. Filing bankruptcy wipes out your debts, so you are in a better position to pay your current monthly bills. After discharge, you can obtain new credit. When you complete our 720 program, you will learn how to increase your credit score to over 720 in an average of 12-24 months.

Where can I file bankruptcy in Arkansas?
Bankruptcies are filed in the federal court district where you lived or maintained a permanent residence for the last 6 months before you file. If you recently moved, you must file in the district where you lived the most within the last 180 days.
Do I have to list all of my debts?
Yes. It is required by law that a person looking to file bankruptcy is required to list all debts, assets, and properties. If there is a specific debt you do not want discharged, discuss this with Mr. Cralwey the procedure to reaffirm that debt in particular.
I am married but can I file without my spouse?
Yes. You can file as an individual and not joint with your spouse. Mr. Crawley can go over all of your options with you.
My spouse and I are separated. Is it best to file before or after our divorce is final?
If you are separated then be sure to discuss your plans to divorce with Mr. Crawley. When the divorce decree is finalized those debts can not be discharged.
Will my bankruptcy be published in the newspaper?
Bankruptcy filings are public records and newspapers may obtain the information and publish it. Do not let this deter you from filing. One line in a newspaper once does not matter. Your financial well-being is more important than what other people think about you.


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We really appreciate you and I can already tell the difference. Feels like a thousand pounds off my chest and I can breathe 🙏

Willie J. 08/10/23

Very great and friendly staff would recommend anyone that is filing bankruptcy please choose Crawley Law Firm.

Eric S. 07/26/23

Best in Jonesboro

Tiffany H. 06/26/23

Michael and his whole team were great! My filing was very fast and efficient and they answered every question I had in a timely manner!

Debbie V. 03/20/2023

Great experience very fast wonderful people to work with.

Shannon W. 03/21/2023

Professional, Helpful, and Kind. I would recommend to anyone. Thank you

Tanya 2/15/2023

Mr. Crawley and the staff were very kind and knowledgeable to me during my Bankruptcy period. They did an awesome job. They were quick to respond to all messages, calls, and inquires. I would definitely recommend Crawley Law Firm to anyone in need of help with your legal issues.

Casey 02/08/23

Mr Crawley and husband staff were very kind and knowledgeable to me during the trying time that is bankruptcy. They were quick to respond to all messages, calls, and inquires. I recommend them to anyone in need of help with your legal issues.

H Barnes

Awesome. Answered every question each time all the time. Be prepared when you walk into his office because they're already waiting to tackle your issues. Good staff too. This lawyer gets this thang done. Have your ducks in a row.. They will help you all the way.

Mr. and Mrs. Dowdy 08/19/2022

We want to personally thank Mr. Crawley and his staff for everything. We want the whole office know we appreciate each of you for being kind and having patience with us throughout the process.