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If someone garnishes your wages because you owe on taxes, loans, or other obligations, it can become an overwhelming ordeal. Crawley Law Firm in Jonesboro, AR, can represent you in a wage garnishment case and help you get a better handle on your debt. In certain circumstances, challenging a garnishment makes sense, especially if you don’t owe anything or the wrong amount is being withdrawn. Our wage garnishment attorney is experienced in these types of situations, whether it means filing the proper paperwork or acting as a mediator with your employer. As a result, we will offer our expertise and lead you in the right direction.

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We have a well-established wage garnishment lawyer who understands Arkansas laws and knows how to give our clients the best outcome. When the amount owed has already been paid, or the wrong amount is being withdrawn, then it’s crucial to gather all the necessary evidence to stop it or recalculate it. Individuals facing threats of being fired by their employers due to wage garnishment should take immediate legal action. Firing someone because their wages are being garnished is illegal, and our attorney can help you dispute it.

Even if you find it challenging to manage the amount being taken, it’s important to negotiate with the creditor for a more manageable repayment plan. However, this isn’t always easy and oftentimes requires the legal acumen and persistence of a wage garnishment defense attorney to make these agreements happen. Usually, a creditor can remove 25 percent of your earnings or any amount exceeding 30 times the minimum wage from your weekly earnings. However, when you have the help of a wage garnishment lawyer, you increase your chances of establishing a more manageable repayment plan or filing for bankruptcy to STOP the garnishment.

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Wage garnishment defense attorneys are prepared to find the most beneficial resolution to your debt repayment issues. Moreover, we understand the local laws and the evidence needed to present a strong case to your creditors. Consult with Crawley Law Firm in Jonesboro, AR, to see what we can do for you. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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