The Services We Offer Include:

Discover financial relief with Crawley Law Firm. Whether considering bankruptcy, navigating foreclosures, dealing with wage garnishment, or seeking debt consolidation, our comprehensive services provide tailored solutions. Facing overwhelming debt or credit challenges? Our team is here to guide you toward a brighter financial future. From assessing bankruptcy as an option to handling foreclosure proceedings, we take the stress out of the process. Need to consolidate debts or rebuild your credit? Trust Crawley Law Firm to formulate a plan that suits your needs. Book a consultation now, and let’s explore the path to financial stability together.


We can help you find out if bankruptcy is the best route for helping relieve your debt and come out the other site with a brighter financial future.


The prospect of losing your home to forclosure can be overwhelming. We will handle the deadlines, paperwork and proceedings for you.

Wage Garnishment

Having your wages garnished is a stressful situation. We can help you gain better control over your debt, or challenge a garnishment if necessary.

Debt Consolidation

Let Crawley Law Firm help you consolidate your debts into a more manageable payment at a lower rate so that you can get out of debt sooner.

Credit Rebuilding

Bankruptcy does have a substantial impact on your credit score. We can help you rebuild your score sooner, so that you quality for better rates.

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Customer Reviews

Sheilah B. 05/01/2024

I had a great experience with Crawley Law Firm. They are very helpful in every way. They don't judge you. From beginning to the end they are there for you. I would highly recommend them to anyone that needs help.

Greg S. 02/19/2024

Best in the Business nothing but good things to say about Crawley law firm they go above and beyond for their clients

Donna R. 12/31/23

I highly recommend Crawley Law Firm, they where wonderful from start to finish. Very helpful, understanding, answered all texts, call's very promptly. Thank you Crawley Law Firm and the whole staff. Brooke and Heather where wonderful as well, as all where.

Cassidy B. 12/30/23

I would 100% recommend Crawley law firm. We are almost done with the process but it’s all been so easy. Zero judgement and anytime we have had questions we got immediate responses and very quick appointments. We dreaded filing and put it off because it was really hard to do but they made it very easy.

Marty C 10/10/23

I just want you to know that if you need an attorney that cares and is honest and willing to talk with you and his whole staff is wonderful paralegal Juliana and his office assistant Brooke. They're wonderful people to talk with deal with and to be understood by it's a very embarrassing thing sometimes needing an attorney and what that entails but I could not go without letting you all know Michael Crawley is the attorney to call call my thanks to them again and to anyone who reads his review feel free to mention you saw it on Google and I wish you all well.

Joe D. 09-20-2023

Good friendly people that made this experience go a lot easier

Christy B. 09-20-2023

Highly recommend to everyone!


We really appreciate you and I can already tell the difference. Feels like a thousand pounds off my chest and I can breathe πŸ™

Willie J. 08/10/23

Very great and friendly staff would recommend anyone that is filing bankruptcy please choose Crawley Law Firm.

Eric S. 07/26/23

Best in Jonesboro