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A bad credit score can hinder an individual from several things such as getting a car loan, a mortgage, a lease, and more. At Crawley Law Firm, we’re here to help you get out of debt and we offer free consultations on credit rebuilding for those who reside in Jonesboro, AR. Whether you’ve filed bankruptcy or you’re looking to file for bankruptcy, our attorneys can help you on your way to improving your credit. Our specialized credit-rebuilding program is good for helping individuals learn the steps to improving their credit scores in a matter of months. If you need expert advice and legal counsel on rebuilding your credit in Jonesboro, AR Crawley Law Firm is here to help.

Why Should I Contact a Credit Rebuilding Attorney?

We’ve seen credit repair companies offer services to better people’s bad credit scores only to take money and do little work to rebuild their credit. It’s important to know that credit repair companies do not have an attorney on staff. At Crawley Law Firm, our credit rebuilding attorneys have extensive knowledge of credit laws, both federal and Arkansas laws, and will use it to benefit you. Our legal team provides you with options that credit repair companies can’t because they’re not familiar with the legal framework like we are.

Some of the credit rebuilding steps we can help out with include:

  • Audit every item on your credit report
  • Dispute inaccurate reports
  • Develop a plan to keep a good credit score

Many people have also taken this task on their own, but depending on the severity of your situation, it would be best to hire a credit rebuilding attorney. A credit lawyer will have experience in areas that you don’t have time to learn about. These things include:

  • Accumulating experience in reviewing reports and dealing with credit bureaus
  • Knowledge on the intricacies of credit law and consumer rights
  • The time to call and send information to creditors

With an expert credit rebuilding attorney from Crawley Law Firm, you can expect great results. Taking this task on your own makes you susceptible to errors. If you miss crucial details, it can lead to a costly mistake. Rather than wasting time and effort, call Crawley Law Firm to help you.

Rebuilding Your Credit

When Crawley Law Firm is helping you rebuild your credit, you have access to a free online credit-rebuilding program. This course can educate you on how to improve your credit within a 6-12-month period of time. In addition, this 14-week credit-rebuilding program will teach you things like:

  • How to rebuild your credit the right way
  • Why most credit scores are wrong
  • Which credit cards actually hurt your credit score
  • How to stop lenders that report the wrong information
  • How to reestablish your credit after a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or a short sale

Start Improving Your Credit & Call Crawley Law Firm

If you’re feeling inundated with bad credit, then it might be time to get some help from a credit rebuilding law firm. Crawley Law Firm offers credit-rebuilding assistance in Jonesboro, AR. Give our office a call today at 870-972-1150.

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