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Debt Consolidation Options in West Memphis

Do you feel like you’re overburdened with debt? Then maybe it’s time to talk to a debt consolidation attorney. If you’re in the West Memphis, AR area, then Crawley Law Firm, PA is your go-to source for debt settlement law. Our expert attorney is here to help you manage your finances better. If you’ve reached the point where it’s too difficult to take care of your payments from multiple creditors, then debt consolidation programs are a good solution. You may qualify for a Chapter 13 bankruptcy.

When you’re dealing with the burden of debt, you can only pay so much or you even miss payments because of the various debts you might have on your plate. Unfortunately, this means your debt will accumulate due to interest and it can tarnish your credit score when you fall behind. Don’t let debt be a burden anymore and contact the professional debt consolidation attorney at Crawley Law Firm, PA to learn more about your options.  

Programs For Debt Consolidation

A debt consolidation lawyer can be helpful for those who have major credit card debt or student loan payments in West Memphis, AR. Our knowledgeable attorney can see if you’re eligible for debt consolidation through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy. We’re here to make it easier for you because we understand how stressful and burdensome being in debt can be. We want you to have a convenient way to pay off what you owe and avoid your debt continuing to get out of hand. Mr. Crawley is experienced in finding optimal ways for you to achieve this.

Chapter 13 does NOT require you to repay all of your debts.  Rather, it involves repaying a certain amount of debt in order to keep all of your property.  Some creditors will be paid in full, others will get a percentage.  This is a case by case determination and depends on what needs to be accomplished.

If your goal is to stop a foreclosure, garnishment, or repossession, or even get back a vehicle after it’s been repossessed then Chapter 13 may be right for you.

Debt Consolidation

More About Chapter 13

Some people think of Chapter 13 bankruptcy like credit counseling or debt management.  The main difference is that under Chapter 13 bankruptcy your creditors do not get a say about how much they get paid – the law and the bankruptcy court make the decision. 

The real beauty of Chapter 13, however, is that it changes when you need it to change.  If your income goes up or goes down, or if you decide that the house or vehicle isn’t worth saving, you can always go back to the bankruptcy court to modify your repayment plan. 

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is complex, and many cases fail because they are not handled carefully.  We have the experience to make your Chapter 13 case a success, giving you the chance to get a fresh start and protect all of your property.

 When you come to our office for your free, no-obligation consultation we’ll analyze your situation completely to come up with the right solution for you

Debt Consolidation

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Debt and finance laws in Arkansas can be difficult to understand, which is why having a debt consolidation attorney who has been filing bankruptcies for Arkansans for over 22 years is extremely beneficial. If you’re in West Memphis, AR and need to consolidate your debt through a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, don’t hesitate to call Crawley Law Firm, PA at 870-972-1150.

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