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Wage garnishments happen when you’ve defaulted on loans, credit cards, or owed taxes and courts order your employer to deduct a certain amount from your paycheck to pay the debt. If you’re in this situation, the wage garnishment attorney at Crawley Law Firm, PA near West Memphis, AR can help get your finances in order. Get a better handle on the payments you need to make when you have a professional by your side to assess the situation and negotiate a better outcome. Meet with our experienced wage garnishment defense attorney near West Memphis for qualified legal advice you can depend on.

How Do You Stop A Wage Garnishment Immediately?

You have options you can take to stop deductions from your paycheck when you’re faced with a wage garnishment scenario. The first step a wage garnishment defense attorney will take is to negotiate with your creditor to allow for a repayment plan. If this is a possibility, they will review your budget to settle on more manageable payments and let you get a better handle on your debt. However, when this isn’t successful then the next step is to take the case to court. A wage garnishment lawyer can represent you in court and counter the garnishment on the grounds that it is causing needless financial damage. Otherwise, you may seek debt relief through filing for bankruptcy, which may stop wage garnishments completely.

If the amount being taken is too difficult to manage, it’s important to seek a negotiated amount with the creditor. This isn’t always easy and oftentimes requires the legal acumen and persistence of a wage garnishment defense attorney to make these agreements happen. Usually, a creditor is allowed to remove 25 percent of your earnings or whatever amount of your weekly earnings is over 30 times the minimum wage. However, with the help of a wage garnishment lawyer, you have a better chance of setting up a more manageable repayment plan or filing bankruptcy to STOP the garnishment.

Wage Garnishment

Hire An Experienced Wage Garnishment Attorney

Our wage garnishment lawyer is a reputable legal representative who can take charge of your case and give you the best results possible. Although some cases are more complex than others, we have the experience and legal prowess to know how to handle it. If you’re dealing with a wage garnishment that’s withdrawing the wrong amount or is being deducted even after it’s been paid, it’s important to address the issue immediately. Our wage garnishment attorney can help you recalculate the payments or gather all the paperwork needed to either stop the payment or make arrangements for a new payment plan.  

It’s a good idea to have a wage garnishment attorney with the legal knowledge and persistence to ensure that agreements are made and kept in these cases. In general, a creditor can deduct a quarter of your earnings or the portion that is more than 30 times the minimum wage. It’s also important to keep in mind that an employer cannot threaten to fire you over a wage garnishment and it’s illegal for them to fire you over it. 

Wage Garnishment

Get Qualified Legal Advice On Wage Garnishment

Wage garnishment issues can be resolved with the assistance of our qualified attorney at Crawley Law Firm, PA. We’re prepared to evaluate the details of your case and determine a strategic resolution, so you may receive the most favorable outcome. Our wage garnishment defense attorney understands relevant local laws and has experience putting together strong legal arguments on behalf of our clients. If you’re in the West Memphis, AR area, you can meet with our dedicated lawyer to discuss the options available to you. Contact us at 870-972-1150 to schedule a confidential consultation as soon as possible.


Wage Garnishment

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