THANK YOU SOOOOO much for working so very hard on this for us. Please know we appreciate it from the bottom of our hearts!!!!! When all is done and over, I am coming by to see you and give you a big hug and a special gift lol. You have been my biggest support system through this whole horrible ordeal!!!! You have went above and beyond to take care of us during this hard time. If anyone I know is ever in need you will be the one I recommend!!!!! Thank you for being an AMAZING ATTORNEY and most of all my friend!

Theresa E.

Thank you so much for being my Lawyer with my Bankruptcy case. Today, I was quite nervous not knowing exactly what to expect. As you came in, I felt relieved and anxiety subsided. Your presence was a welcome sight. Thank you for representing me.

Recently, I completed the GreenPath debtor education requirement. It was very interesting and informative material to read, study and learn. Laying the proper foundation of a fresh start, it provides you with tools of knowledge to rebuild and look forward to the future. You are much more better equipped to manage your financial affairs than previously.

With the instructions and knowledge gained from the course, I’ve set in to look ahead with confidence to achieve through planning and budgeting my financial goals for the future.

My Bankruptcy experience has taught me valuable lessons for life ahead. Thank you for being part of it.



Very thorough, helpful, knowledgeable, and very nice!!!


If you want your bankruptcy done right go to Crawley Law Firm great great place of business.


Mike is down to earth but really knows his business. He was very patient and reassuring as he guided me through this tough time in my life.


Professional and friendly service!!


The Crawley Law Firm and it’s staff was very helpful and caring of my situation. They are with me from the beginning of the process, during the process and after the process. They are very helpful in guiding me to getting back on track financially. Mr. Mike Crawley was very knowledgeable with the law and made it very easy and comfortable to proceed with my Chapter 7 filing. I would recommend him and his firm to any one.


He has helped me every step of the way and I really appreciate it! I’m glad I chose to use him and wouldn’t recommend anyone else!


Excellent law firm that knows how to get things done quickly and professionally. Staff and attorney are approachable and kind, which is something you need when you are going through a stressful situation like bankruptcy. They even offer a useful program to help get you back on track after the bankruptcy which I can honestly say has helped me understand credit much better and I am hoping will springboard me out of the financial setbacks that led me to bankruptcy.


Mr. Crawley and his staff was very professional and courteous.


My issue was handled very professionally and properly. He does exactly what he said he was going to do. Highly recommended!!!!


My generation would call the Crawley Law Firm “good people “.


He was great.


Crawley Law Firm has always been extremely helpful with anything that I need. Always willing to work with me and always keeps me extremely informed on a regular basis. Highly recommended.


If you are feeling stressed and trying to find a way to recover your financial well-being and credit – THIS is the place to call.
Mr. Crawley is caring, empathetic, and concerned with helping YOU.
The initial consultation is 100% free to you.
The Peace of Mind which comes with having a plan in place – Priceless.


Michael makes a difficult process easy. He is professional, quick to respond and very helpful. The office staff are also very approachable and helpful.


Very good with handling your business from start to finish. No procrastinating or trying to swindle anyone out of their money. Really appreciate how this firm took care of me. Professional at it’s best.


So impressed with how knowledgeable Michael is. The office staff is wonderful and respectful. I felt confident that they had my best interests at heart and would make sure the best outcome happened. I highly recommend them to anyone!


Mr. Crawley did an excellent job helping me to get all my bills consolidated in a Ch 13 bankruptcy. I was so worried, but he was reassuring and told me not to worry. He told me that I would be out of debt in a couple of years and I could reestablish my credit at that time. I highly recommend him!


I was being sued due to a car loan. Michael and his team helped explain and get me information on my best options to file bankruptcy. I am thankful for all their time and effort they put into my case.